Information for Examiners

At Mobile Doctors we are proud of the relationship we maintain with our examiners. We invest heavily in technology and people to ensure that as a panel member you have all of the backup and tools you need to work closely with us and your clients.


Our Medical Examiner Liaison Team (MELT) is your dedicated point of contact within Mobile Doctors. For Multi Track cases you will have an individual point of contact should you need to speak to us.


Corex represents the latest technology allowing a medico-legal expert GP to deliver reports in both a written and XML format that is compatible with the valuation systems of leading insurers.

It also delivers a uniquely flexible platform for completing reports.

Corex is available as a standalone application running on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms, but is also available as a Java smart client or even through a web browser. This flexibility gives the medical expert tools to examine claimant’s in any setting, with or without internet access and from any computer running that has a web browser.

Joining our panel

We are always looking for examiners across all disciplines to join our panel. If you are interested in working with Mobile Doctors please contact us on expertsmelt@mobile-doctors.co.uk

Privacy Policy

You can find our examiners privacy policy here.

Information for Solicitors

Whatever the injury – we have it covered

Mobile Doctors can provide medical evidence from all disciplines: GP to orthopaedics, psychiatry, psychology and a variety of other specialist areas.

We manage our database to ensure that only appropriately qualified medical experts with specialist medico legal training and experience are used to provide your medical evidence.

With Mobile Doctors you also have the reassurance that all examiners are vetted by completing an annual registration process which includes supplying Mobile Doctors with their current CV, GMC and professional indemnity certificates.

Corex is available to all our examiners in order to provide a secure reporting environment and ensure client confidentiality.


Our dedicated Medical Examiner Liaison Team (MELT) is in constant contact with our panel to ensure we are maintaining and expanding our relationship with our experts.

All of our experts fall under the supervision of a highly qualified Chief Medical Officer.