COVID-19 Update

Update – 2 April 2020

Mobile Doctors Colleagues and Operation

Our priority is protecting the safety of our Colleagues, Medical Experts, and injured parties whilst continuing to deliver the best possible service. Over the past week, we have successfully moved all colleagues to remote working and our operating hours continue to be 9am to 5pm (Monday to Friday).  We have also moved our inbound telephone calls which are now being automatically routed to home workers using Microsoft Teams technology.

Medical Appointments

With immediate effect, to comply with evolving Government directives, we will not be arranging any face to face medical appointments until after 30 April 2020.  We will be arranging video examinations where appropriate, for any new appointments and for those appointments already booked, they will be contacted shortly.

If you are an instructing party

For new instructions, at the point you instruct us, please advise if the case is suitable for a video medical appointment if an appropriate face to face medical instruction cannot be arranged due to the restrictions / Government guidelines in place at that time.

We would appreciate if telephone calls into Mobile Doctors could be kept at a minimum during this time and email contact used instead. We also request that documentation is sent by email rather than by post to avoid handling of materials whenever possible.

Please use our email address for specific correspondence on live cases. Please remember to add the unique case reference number in the subject line of the email within square brackets e.g. [123456].

If you are a medical expert

Video examinations can be offered following MedCo’s decision to remove their ban on remote consultations, but this is subject to agreement from both the claimant and the instructing solicitor on each individual case. Mobile Doctors will obtain this agreement, please do not proceed with a video examination until you have received communication from us.

There are many platforms that offer video calling. Examples include Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp.  All are free and easily available.

Please contact the Expert Liaison Team to advise whether you can or cannot offer recorded video consultations.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates.  Any queries can be sent to us via the Enquiry Form.